About Us
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About Us

MDA Operator Pty Ltd offers a number of managed account, client portfolio and administration services to financial planners, advisers and other AFS licensees and their Clients.

MDA Operator’s primary business is the operation of a managed discretionary account (MDA) service to both retail and wholesale investors. Through our Managed Account Services, MDA Operator assists advisers to manage client portfolios using either a discretionary (MDA) or individual (IMA) approach, and manage adviser created Investment Programs tailored for their clients. We work with advisers to ensure that all Investment Programs formulated for clients meet minimum eligibility criteria as mandated by MDA Operator.

MDA Operator adds value to Advisers, complimenting their current operational and system architecture and client servicing culture. We don’t ask you to align to a vertically integrated service or data source model. We integrate with the multiple brokers and TD /Bank/CMA providers where electronic data connectivity is available and managed funds trading through uXchange.

MDA Operator offers services to Advisers who advise on Managed Discretionary accounts. MDA Operator uses proprietary software to perform these services. For fellow MDA Operators who are looking to enhance your offering, and for Advisers who want gain the efficiencies and scale of our technology and service for non discretionary directly held asset portfolios, please visit our MA Operator website on www.maoperator.com.au for more details regarding the services MA Operator offers.

MDA Operator’s value proposition “Investment made easy” is achieved through Technology, Flexibility of Services, Cost Structure, and Investment Advisory.

MDA Operator Pty Ltd (ACN 609 025 130) was incorporated in 2015 and is a WealthO2 company . It is independently owned by several private investors and is not aligned to any bank or life office.